Our competences are your "carefree package".

In its function as specialist planner and developer, promaFox AG forms the central "interface" between clients and architects.

From the first strategic phase of concept development, our clients benefit from our professional support in the determination of

•    space requirements
•    technical requirements
•    cost calculations and cost controls

We manage your project with care from the planning to the realisation phase. Always taking into account the optimal logistics, the latest technology and with the utmost responsibility for sustainability, future-oriented planning, quality, time and cost.

Project development

Before a project is ready for the architectural realisation, our experts deal with the 

•    strategic
•    conceptual
•    spatial
•    economic

challenges of your project.

You can trust that your contact persons at promaFox AG have high competence and broad expertise.

Our core competencies cover the following fields of expertise

•    foodservice
•    hotel industry
•    tourism
•    recognising trends and implementing them at an early stage
•    capturing current needs
•    futureproofing your project
•    feasibility studies, concept studies
•    site/campus strategies
•    establish cost, quality, and time frames
•    identify risks

Kitchen Design & planning

We have rebranded the set of standards, rules and habits to:

bespoke, needs-based, fit for purpose

We excel at finding new ways of thinking and innovative solutions for your project. We don’t shy away from reconsidering 

•    concepts, space requirements and costs
•    workflows
•    use of equipment
•    flow of goods and operations
•    guest behavior
•    profitability

During the implementation of your project, we work hand-in-hand with builders, architects and specialist planners.

promaFox AG continuously monitors and accompanies   

•    Quality
•    Costs
•    Timelines

CAD Plan Schindler
CAD Plan
Food Island Schindler

General contracting (Tenant fit-out)

Complex construction tasks require specialised knowledge as well as the corresponding management skills. 

promaFox AG offers you these competencies.

We are the link between the client, engineers and contractors.

Your advantages:
•    coordination of all services and interfaces
•    cost control
•    compliance with quality specifications
•    deadline monitoring
•    ONE contact person (promaFox AG)
•    professional competence in planning and execution issues

promaFox AG covers all services as a total service according to SIA 112.

Baustelle L'Oro di Napoli
construction site
L'Oro di Napoli

3D visualization and BIM

Digital representation of
•    design ideas and their implications
     (well-founded basis for decision-making)
•    planning and construction progress
•    project changes (risks and benefits)

In addition, with BIM you
•    manage your project cost more effectively
•    improve Scheduling/Sequencing
•    improve onsite collaboration and communication

Thanks to the fact that our team has been perfectly trained in 3D visualization and BIM, you can experience your projects virtually before it is physically constructed.

We will be happy to provide you with more detailed information on request.

Check out our videos below and get your first taste.

White Model Rendering Restaurant – example video

Visualization kitchen, incl. BIM components